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A student of the University of Wisconsin burns his draft card, 1967.

Fast-food workers in 7 cities have begun their historic walkout to demand decent pay. Pic below from outside Yankee Stadium, via Annette Bernhardt and NELP.

What Do Occupy Protesters Think About the Pepper Spray Cop Being Awarded $38,000?
Remember pepper spray cop? He’s the campus police officer at the University of California, Davis who decided to handle a seated line of peaceful, non-threatening Occupy demonstrators in the most rational way he could: by calmly firing a stream of pepper spray directly into their eyes from close range, like a landscape gardener squirting pesticide at some overgrown flowerbeds.  
At first, everyone was outraged at Officer John Pike’s blasé manner of temporarily blinding peaceful protesters, then the internet got involved, turned the image into meme—photoshopping Pike into basically every pop culture image ever created—and everyone kind of forgot about it. Until last week, when it emerged that he has been awarded $38,000 in workers compensation by California’s Department of Industrial Relations—more than the $30,000 each of his victims received—for the “psychiatric injuries” he’s experienced since that day in November of 2011. UC Davis will foot the bill, in addition to the $70,000 the school paid him in salary while he was on adminstrative leave. 
I spoke to Bernie Goldsmith—an ex-Wall Street attorney and social activist who was an Occupy organizer at UC Davis and there the day of the pepper spraying—about what his fellow protesters think of Pike’s payout.

Bernie Goldsmith.
VICE: What happened that day? How did it escalate to the pepper spray incident?Bernie Goldsmith: We all put up our tents in the middle of the day and predicted that the police would come at about 3 or 4 AM,  arrest a few of us and allow the others to leave. We thought it would be a very typical protest. Instead what happened was a shockingly stupid mismanagement from the administration and the police force. The [UC Davis] administration decided that, instead of doing the sensible thing of evicting us at night, the police should evict us at 3 PM, surrounded by students.
Which riled everyone in attendance up a bit, I suppose.That’s an understatement. I was a scout on the day, looking out for police approaching the quad. And, to my great surprise, instead of two or three officers coming and quietly writing tickets and telling us to leave, I observed a phalanx of fully armored riot police with helmets and shields. We’d moved the tents into a circle in the middle of what is basically a giant field, so there was no obstruction being caused. Protesters got into a ring around the circle and locked arms. Then the police tore apart the ring, handcuffed a couple of people in this first group, and started tearing down the tents. 

There are police officers — honorable, duty-bound, and a credit to society.  Then there are pigs, like UC Davis cop John Pike, who (in)famously pepper-sprayed a group of peaceably protesting students during an Occupy event in 2011 — and who is now suing for workman’s compensation, claiming he suffered “psychiatric injury” in the months following the event.
Oink oink, fucker.
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We’ve entered a new era where mankind seeks to evolve from failed systems & broken ways of life. Together we are helping to shape our Global Community. Swarms of unrest & revolutions span across every nation. The media has little to no coverage or follow up. The weather has changed drastically. The World bank has recently told mass media to stop talking about the bailouts & the huge theft stolen from multiple nations around the world. They want people to accept this swindle and forced illegitimate ‘Austerity’ upon our futures. Greed is an illness which has created false ego & glamorized living, without mindfulness nor balance with the rest of life. These are the core problems of society as we reestablish values in our technological world. Great Internet Wars fight for freedom in the basic right of communication. The public is totally oblivious to anything outside the routines of their daily lives. War has gone unending for more than a decade. America has been taken down from the inside, as corporations are now deemed ‘people’ and allowed to buy ‘democracy.’ ALEC is writing laws by unelected corporate kings. Monsanto controls the Food Regulatory system. The foreign financiers have won their great battle against America and are taking all nations down under their debts of slavery to a corrupted system. In the darkness the stars shine their brightest. We are witnessing the Renaissance of new ideas & solutions transforming cities as we speak. Wisdom is available for those who seek it. Thoughts are energy. Be mindful always.
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Senator Warren, speaking the truth…
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South Carolina approves plan to exile it’s homeless ::: We have officially entered the land of 1984 folks. I can’t even believe this is real. “Police officers will now be assigned to patrol the city center and keep homeless people out. They will also be instructed to strictly enforce the city’s “quality of life” laws, including bans on loitering, public urination, and other violations. And just to ensure that no one slips through, the city will set up a hotline so local businesses and residents can report the presence of a homeless person to police.” Homeless people can stay at the shelter, but they’re not permitted to walk off the premises. In fact, Columbia will even post a police officer on the road leading to the shelter to ensure that homeless people don’t walk towards downtown. If they want to leave, they need to set up an appointment and be shuttled by a van. You can shuttle them somewhere or you can go to jail. That’s, in fact, an abuse of power. This is disgusting, but not that surprising in a country that no longer respects individuals freedoms and rights. Homeless people are still people and the vast majority are citizens. Many are veterans. They are still entitled to the right to be in public spaces, and the streets, sidewalks and parks in a central city or an expensive neighborhood are still the property of all the public. In addition to ignoring individual rights, there is a move in this country to criminalize being poor. This is segregating the rich from the poor. That way, rich people don’t have to be bothered with seeing the impacts of their actions.
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Cecily McMillan has been convicted, because if you’re groped by NYPD, you go to prison

On Monday the last of Occupy Wall Street’s 2,500 defendants, a 25-year-old named Cecily McMillan, was convicted in court. Her crime: She elbowed a cop named Grantley Bovell in the face after he allegedly groped her during the protests. According to a Manhattan jury, that was enough to convict her of second-degree assault of an officer, which is a felony that can lead up to seven years in prison. She was denied bail and taken away to the Riker’s Island jail, where she will await her sentencing.
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Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.


"Occupy The Bay" documentary now available free on YouTube.

I can’t look at any of those Goldman Sacks,et al guys without wanting to line them up and smack them across the collective face with a sock full of quarters.

Watch and learn, and remember.


Occupy Movement photos

A few occupy movement images I found:
Image by Leptonist Occupy Seattle Photographer: Jon Fowler @…

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